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Greasemonkey: Bloglines + Del.icio.us April 1, 2006

Posted by Tim in Code.
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I've been playing around with the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox more and more these days. It's not that I haven't known about it, it's just that I didn't really stumble across really useful Greasemonkey scripts on Userscripts.org until recently. I guess it's all coincided with my switch to Bloglines from Google Reader. (Sidenote: It's not that I really disliked Google Reader, it's just that Bloglines has so much more to offer right now. Plus, I can decide to forget about my RSS feeds for a day or two with Bloglines, and still have a chance to catch up. With Google Reader, they just "roll" past and are never heard from again.)

In any case, this is all to promote my very first Greasemonkey script! Since I'm an avid del.icio.us user, I felt an immediate need to be able to post items directly to del.icio.us while browsing my Bloglines feeds. Since the only script on Userscripts.org which "claimed" to do this didn't actually work, I made my own.

If this is something that interests you too, go visit Userscripts.org, download my Bloglines – Post to del.icio.us script, and rate it! It adds a "Post to del.icio.us" link below each item in Bloglines, which allows you to post the item directly into your del.icio.us account (via a popup window). My only disappointment in it right now is that I couldn't get it to just open up a new tab (and actually put the focus on that tab). Greasemonkey provides a nice little "openInTab" function, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the focus to (i.e. "jump to") that new tab. However, for version 1.0, I still think it's worth a download!