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Internet Librarian! April 26, 2006

Posted by nanette in Thoughts.
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I received an e-mail today from Jane Dysart, one of the organizers for Internet Librarian 2006. My session has been accepted, and I'll be part of what Aaron calls "the cool public library track"! This means that I will definitely be going to Internet Librarian this year, and that Tim will probably be going with me.

The title was changed from "Pimp My OPAC" to something generic about OPACs and user experiences, but I'm sure I can still call my piece of the presentation "Pimp My OPAC." Yes, I did say "my piece of the presentation," because my session has been combined with a session co-presented by…Glenn Peterson.

Dude, I feel like such a poser. Lil' old me…and GLENN PETERSON, who is behind one of the nicest-looking, most usable OPACs out there. Glenn Peterson, whose presentation at the CODI conference last year opened my eyes to the cool things you can do with ugly ol' SirsiDynix HIP. Glenn Peterson, whose latest project has set the library weblog world aflutter, and for good reason.  

I'd better get a whole lot smarter before October. I've got to learn how to hang with the superstars!

In other-news-related-to-our-library-website, I got to see some mockups of possible site designs. They are great. Just…phenomenal. The web design firm the library has hired for the site redesign has really run with this project. We are on our way to an attractive, functional web site.

Also, I answered an IM reference question today. My shifts tend to be really slow (I'm on from 9-11 on Friday mornings and from 2-3:30 on Wednesday afternoons) so questions are rare. I felt like I gave a most excellent reference interview and I helped the patron find the information he needed for his school report on Lisbon, Portugal. Now I'd just like to get more questions…


Am I now a blogger? March 27, 2006

Posted by Tim in Thoughts.
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Well, here goes nothing. I really cannot say whether or not this site will stick around, or whether it will fall into the realm of obscure "blogs" that are never read, never updated, never even "there".

I cannot promise this blog will work out, or even be interesting (other than to myself, and maybe my wife). But, at least this is a place to start writing, start flushing out ideas, start sharing code, hacks, thoughts on libraries, rebuttles to others or their blogs, etc.

Yes, this is a YALT (Yet Another Library Tech) blog. We'll see if it stays that way.